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The Storyline Group began publishing corporate and family legacy books and histories nearly 30 years ago. Today, we continue to assist companies, schools and other organizations in publishing coffee table histories that enhance their milestone celebrations and strengthen their brands. Our turnkey services include research and story development, writing, editing, design, and production.

We are a family-owned, father-daughter team with a group of publishing professionals. Together, we assist authors in developing, editing, and co-authoring their stories, as well as designing book covers and interior pages. As the internet has become the dominant marketing and distribution medium for publishing, we have expanded our services to facilitate self publishing, print-on-demand, and e-book choices, and we collaborate with clients to develop customized marketing, distribution, and social media promotion strategies.

The Storyline Group also includes professionals skilled in archival research, organization and preservation; graphic design; video/TV production; and strategic marketing.


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