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A Bedlamite in Satan's Circus

Each season, nature brings dramatic changes to Manhattan, the beating heart of New York City. But how often do the millions of inhabitants, scurrying about their business, stop to consider the rhythmic clicking of cicadas in summer, Central Park’s brilliantly colored leaves in fall, the first blooms of springtime, or winter’s first blanket of snow? This second collection of poems by Leeson Ames will draw you into a place that only an observant and impassioned resident can understand and describe so eloquently.

A Bedlamite in Satan's Circus

  • Author: Leeson Ames
    Publisher: Mulberry Bend Books (New York, New York.)
    Category (BISG): POE005010
    Publication date: 2020
    Pages: 103
    Price: $14.95 (eBook)
    Trim in Print: 6×9
    ISBN / Format: 978-0-9887963-6-2/ Ebook

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