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Like his first book of poetry, A Stranger on the Riverbank, Leeson Ames’ third book contains a carefully selected collection of evocative poems written over a lifetime of keen observation and deep self-reflection. Like no other poet, Ames finds meaning in the simplest expressions of nature and the most complex workings of human behavior, writing poems that often slap us in the face with the realities of life while they hopefully lead us to a deeper understanding of the mysteries of love, the pursuit of meaning, and irreversible death.

Shouting Into the Errant Wind

  • Author: Leeson Ames
    Publisher: Mulberry Bend Books (New York, New York.)
    Category (BISG): POE005010
    Publication date: 2021
    Pages: 97
    Price: $14.95 (eBook)
    Trim in Print: 6×9
    ISBN / Format: 978-0-9887963-7-9/ Ebook

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