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A Stranger on the Riverbank

Published in Leeson Ames’ seventy-fifth year, this first collection of poems by the New York poet contains selections from his first forty years of work. Individually, each page offers a fresh thought or new slant on a familiar subject, reinvigorating a world we thought we knew. Taken together, this collection announces an important new voice in American verse, with themes that unceasingly ebb and flow like the river that inspired them. Stand now with the stranger on the riverbank and contemplate your world through his eyes.

A Stranger on the Riverbank

  • Author: Leeson Ames
    Publisher: Mulberry Bend Books (New York, New York.)
    Category (BISG): POE005010
    Publication date: 2019
    Pages: 83
    Price: $14.95 (eBook)
    Trim in Print: 6×9
    ISBN / Format: 978-0-9887963-5-5/ Ebook

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